Plasti-Chemie Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH Online-Shop

The Plasti-Chemie Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH produces coating systems and components for the construction coating branch since 1995. The Plastifloor® acrylic resin flooring systems, Plastistone® epoxy resin and Plastipur® PU floor coatings belong to it. Beside the floor coating systemsand tools this shop also offers the possibility to order our roof coatings Plasticoate® on bitumen base or the water based systems Plastherm® for wall coatings. The systems made by us and system components are tested worldwide on millions of square metres for over 20 years in practice. To guarantee a speedy and clear winding up with the order of our products our on-line shop is now available to you. To the rounding-off of our range of products you can help yourselves from an extensive tool shop for the coating contractor.


Plastifloor® MMA Resin

Plastifloor® acrylic resins are fast curing resin flooring systems based on MMA and PUMMA.


Plastistone® products are epoxy resin based coating systems that are suitable for new construction, renovation and modernization of almost all floors.


Water-based polyurethane floor screed with excellent durability and resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in harsh industrial environments. Plastipur® line includes polyaspartic binders and sealers manufactured in our factory.


Plasticoate® roof coatings are bituminous roof coatings, with which you can redevelop almost all roofs made of sheet metal or bituminous substrates in a timely and cost effective manner.


Plastherm® wall coatings are coating systems for indoor and outdoor walls. They reduce the heat transfer and optimally reflect the sun's rays.