Plastifloor hardener fitting for Plastifloor resins

Plastifloor® Hardener M

Plastifloor® Hardener M for mat sealings

Hardener for Plastifloor® 500

Hardener for Plastifloor® 500 Style Coating.

Plastifloor® Hardener

Plastifloor® Hardener 

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Dosing feeder

Dosing feeder for hardener Vol (%). 250ml

3.55 *

Plastifloor®500 Hardener

Plastifloor® hardener powder contains peroxide and is soluble in acrylic resin for 500 Style

from 26.40 *
Product data sheet

hardener powder 10 PA 20 kg

Plastifloor hardener powder 10 PA 20 kg paper bag

310.00 / 20 kg *
1 kg = 15.50 €

Plastifloor® Hardener M

Plastifloor hardener powder M hardener for mat finishing

from 27.50 *

Plastifloor® Hardener 50W

Plastifloor® hardener powder 50W is processed together with Plastifloor® coating resins. We recommend to use Plasti®hardener in our systems.

from 18.10 *
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