Privacy policy

1. The Plasti-Chemie Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH does not take on responsibilty of the actuality, correctness, completeness and quality of the information provided. Any liability claims directed at Plasti-Chemie International GmbH, concerning damages of materialistic or sentimental value, resulting from usage or non-usage of the provided information or through usage of faulty or incomplete information are inherently ruled out, as long as Plasti-Chemie International GmbH is not provably deliberatly at fault. All offers are nonobligatory and nonbinding. Plasti-Chemie International reserves to alter parts of the site, or any and all offers without notice, or to add, delete, or to partly or completely stop the distribution.

2. For direct or indirect references to external site ("links"), outside of the responsibility of Plasti-Chemie Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, there will only be an accountibility commitment, if we know of the contents of a site and it was possible and reasonable for us to stop the usage in case of illegal content. We hereby declare, that at the moment of linking there was no illegal content discernible on the linked sites. We have no influence on the current and future design and content or authorship of the linked sites. We distance ourselves explicitly from the contents of all linked sites, which were later changed. This statement is true for all, on our site present links, as well as for external links made by us in our provided guestbooks, discussion forums and maillists. Liable for illegal, faulty, or uncompleted content and especially for damages caused from the usage or non-usage of provided information, is solely the author of the site, to which was linked, not the one referecening to these sites.

3. Plasti-Chemie Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH strives to consider copyright of all used graphics, sound files, videos and texts, to use only self-created graphics, sound files, videos and texts and/or to use only unlicensed graphics, sound files, videos and texts. All through third parties trademarked products are subject to the appropriate regulations and right of ownership of the registered owner. Solely through naming, it is not the case that trademarkes are not secured by third parties. The copyright for by us published and created content, is solely hold by the author of the site. Duplication of such graphics, sound files, videos and texts without explicit permission by Plasti-Chemie International GmbH is prohibited.

4. If within the website the possibility of entering personal or commercial information (e-mail adresses, names, adresses) exists, the revelation of such is purely voluntary. The usage and payment of all provided services is - as long as it is technically possible and reasonable - possible by using anonimised data or under an alias. The usage of by us provided contact information by third parties, to send not by us explicitly requested information is prohibited. The right to pursue legal measure is solely hold by us.

5. This privacy policy is to be seen as part of our website, from which it was linked to. If parts or individual statements of this text are not correct according to current law, the rest will stand as is, and will not be influenced by the state of validity.