Plastipur® PU and Polyaspartic

Plastipur® PU Concrete is a heavy duty flooring solution installed in food processing industry and areas with heavy mechanical load and traffic that requires hot water/steam cleaning and maintenance.

Plastipur® Polyaspartic resins are due to its extremely high chemical resistance as well as its resistance to softening agents and anti-aging agents, Plastipur® is mainly used as a topcoat for industrial and decorative floor coating systems e.g. In car dealerships and garages.

Resins for Carbon Fibre Sheets

Resins for Carbon Fibre Sheets

Plastipur® resins for carbon fibre sheets

PU Concrete systems

Plastipur® PU concrete systems

Plastipur® Polyaspartic resins

Plastipur® Polyaspartic resins

Plastipur® resins are manufactured on the basis of aspartic acid esters. 

Plastipur® Polyurethane Sealer

Plastipur® Polyurethane Sealer

Plastipur® polyurethane sealer as a finishing layer for epoxy and PU coatings

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Plastipur® 570 Polyaspartic Sealer

Product no.: PU570000

Plastipur® 570 Is a solvent-free, non-filled and non-pigmented 2-component reaction plastic based on aspartic esters.

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Plastipur® SL45 19kg Kit

Product no.: PPSL4519

Plastipur® SL45 is polyurethane self-levelling resin floor screed designed to provide excellent heavy duty usage. In thickness 4-5mm.

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