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Plastistone® floor coatings require approximately one week to complete chemical and mechanical curing. But you reach a high chemical resistance. 


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Plastistone® Special products

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Plastistone® 1276

Product no.: PS127610

2-component epoxy resin kit, not yellowing. Epoxy resin that is predominantly used for manufacturing decorative objects in thickness up to 5mm.

from 160.00 / kit(s) *
1 kg = 16.00 €

2K EP coating, colored 30 kg

Product no.: PS031101Y24

2K Plastistone EP Binding Agent, standard Comp.A: 24,5 kg Comp.B: 5,5 kg 30 kg kit

255.00 / 30 kg *
1 kg = 8.50 €
Delivery weight: 25 kg
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